About us

The origins of The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company was founded in 2015 by Ronald Horvers. In the years prior to 2015, Ronald walked around with health complaints for a long time. Ronald was tired, unable to concentrate well and had various physical discomforts. The complaints mainly looked like a major depression or a burnout. However, Ronald was otherwise healthy and had humor. Ronald went through life for a long time without a proper diagnosis of his symptoms. He was forced to stop working and ended up in a divorce. At the end of 2014, `Ronald was alerted to the fact that he stopped breathing while sleeping. Something that was unknown to him until then. Based on this discovery, a polysomnographic investigation (PSG or sleep study) was conducted with Ronald. It turned out that Ronald had an AHI of 27. In other words, Ronald stopped breathing on average 27 times in an hour for a period longer than 10 seconds at a time. It also turned out that the breathing stops mainly occurred when Ronald lay in supine position in his bed. That is why Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSAS) was diagnosed with Ronald.

Based on the POSAS diagnosis, position therapy was prescribed to Ronald. He received a strap that he had to wear around his chest. This strap would vibrate as soon as he was laying on his back. Mid 2015 Ronald’s sleep apnea was under control and his AHI was reduced to <5. Ronald has first-hand experience of the benefits of position therapy. However, during the use of the strap, a number of things were noticed. The strap often turned or moved during his sleep, he had to be reminded every day of wearing the strap and this was experienced as confronting for his bed partner. This was the reason for developing a better and simpler treatment option for positional sleep apnea, the SleepAssist. SleepAssist was developed through a collaboration that originated at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Over the last four years, the Sleep Company has worked closely with TNO-Holst and Vention in the development of the SleepAssist. The SleepAssist uses a completely new sensor technology that is unique in the world.

Management Team

Ronald Horvers
Victor Veldhof
Nico van Dijk


The Sleep Company is in an early phase of development and scale-up. There are investment opportunities to support the growth of the organization and innovation of SleepAssist. Are you interested in these options? Please contact us.