Dutch start-up The Sleep Company receives funding for the development and market introduction of a new product for people with sleep apnoea.

Eindhoven, 6 January 2020

The start-up The Sleep Company B.V. (The Sleep Company), announced today that it has received funding in excess of 1 million euro. The funds will be used for the development of a new product for the treatment of sleep apnoea. The Sleep Company has received this funding from the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM Ventures) and a cooperation of various business angels from the Rabobank and SmitsvandenBroek.

The Sleep Company intends to use the funding for the final stage development of its SleepAssist product, to conduct clinical trials to secure the European CE-mark and to fund the commercial launch of the product.

Nico van Dijk, CCO of the Sleep Company: “The SleepAssist has been developed by a cooperation originated at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The last four years the Sleep Company has cooperated closely with TNO-Holst centre and Vention B.V. to develop the SleepAssist. With SleepAssist the Sleep Company will access the market for sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a growing problem worldwide. In many cases sleep apnoea occurs when a patient is in supine (back) position in bed. This is also called positional sleep apnoea (POSAS). Existing treatment modalities have proven to be effective but are uncomfortable, confronting and stressful for the patient. The founder of the Sleep Company (a sleep apnoea patient himself) has invented and developed SleepAssist with the main purpose to make treatment of sleep apnoea affordable and user-friendly.”

About SleepAssist
The SleepAssist is a mat of 60 cm by 90 cm, equipped with a patented innovative sensor network. The mat is placed under the fitted sheet, at the height of the upper body. The position of the user is measured during sleep using an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence. If the user turns on his or her back, the mat emits small vibrations. Because of these vibrations, the user changes position and he or she no longer lies in supine position. The vibrations are not experienced as disturbing during sleep but do have the desired effect. Because SleepAssist prevents sleeping in the supine position, fewer sleep apnoea complaints occur.

As mentioned, the SleepAssist is placed under the fitted sheet and is therefore a very discreet treatment option for positional sleep apnoea. Unlike other solutions for sleep apnoea, the SleepAssist is always on and does not have to be worn on the body. All results can be followed through a handy app.

“The reason why we invest in The Sleep Company is that this company with SleepAssist can have a significant impact on society”, says Jeroen Siemes, investment manager at BOM Brabant Ventures. “Sleep apnoea is a problem that is currently underestimated, resulting in health problems and reducing productivity in patients suffering from sleep apnoea. Research among users of existing position trainers shows that many patients stop wearing the solution as soon as they feel that their sleeping position has changed. The problem with this is that the sleep apnoea usually returns quickly. The logical consequence is that over time the patient will experience the same symptoms as before. With The Sleep Company’s solution, which users do not have to wear or activate, it is to be expected that therapy compliance will increase, thereby improving quality of life.”

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