SleepAssist is a novel treatment option for position related sleep apnea (POSAS). Ronald Horvers is the inventor and engineer behind the SleepAssist. Read his personal story as a patient suffering from sleep apnea here.

SleepAssist is a sheet of 60cm long and 90 centimeters wide, it is fitted with an innovative network of sensors. The sheet is placed underneath the coversheet of a bed in the area where the torso (shoulder and chest) rests. Based on an algorithm that works with AI (artificial intelligence) the sheet detects the sleep position of the user during sleep. If the user turns on his (or her) back the sheet will start vibrating to signal the user that they need to turn to a different position. The vibrations will not be experienced as intrusive during sleep but will generate the desired effect. SleepAssist will prevent a supine sleeping position and thus less apnea events will occur.

SleepAssist is placed beneath the coversheet of a bed and is therefore a discreet treatment option for position related sleep apnea. Compared to other treatment options for sleep apnea SleepAssist is always switched on and is not required to be worn on the body. A convenient app will allow a user to track all results.

SleepAssist illustratie

The benefits of SleepAssist

SleepAssist kosten efficient icoon

Low cost

SleepAssist therapietrouw

Promotes Therapy Compliance

SleepAssist Contactloos

Contactless – is not worn on the body

SleepAssist Altijd Aan

Always on