The SleepAssist is the newest treatment option for positional sleep apnea. The creator and developer of the SleepAssist is Ronald Horvers. Read his personal story as a sleep apnea patient here.

The SleepAssist is a mat of 60 cm by 90 cm, equipped with an innovative sensor network. The mat is placed in bed under the fitted sheet at the height of the upper body. The position of the user is measured during sleep using an algorithm – which is based on Artificial Intelligence. If the user turns on his (or her) back, the mat emits small vibrations to allow the user to turn in a position other than the supine position. The vibrations are not experienced as disturbing during sleep, but they do have the desired effect. Where SleepAssist prevents sleeping in the supine position, fewer sleep apnea complaints occur.

As mentioned, the SleepAssist is placed in bed under the fitted sheet and is therefore a very discreet treatment option for positional sleep apnea. Unlike other solutions for sleep apnea, the SleepAssist is always on and does not have to be worn. All results can be followed through a handy app.

SleepAssist illustratie

Do you recognise the symptoms associated with sleep apnea? Then contact your doctor or treating physician directly.
In the Netherlands SleepAssist is available through our distribution partner Vivisol. Vivisol Nederland specialises in all facets of the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). For questions about the availability of SleepAssist and sleep apnea you can contact Vivisol Nederland directly. (*SleepAssist is not yet available in other markets)